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Dear Customer,

VDMA Publishing House is a source of your success. For us as publishers, your advantage is our predominant task. This means for us to have creative and competent answers and solutions ready for your questions. We offer information in a clear and convincing manner. It is our endeavour to help you improve and prosper with the aid of VDMA publishing as an integral part of the entire VDMA network.

All for you - the VDMA Nachrichten (monthly magazine), the VDMA Managers Navigators as well as the VDMA executive briefings are media with unique selling propositions: customised contents and quality on the way to your customers. Design, development an deployment of e-magazines have become a major field of activity in recent years. Thus VDMA publications grant both digital or print the starting point for more profit. They build a dependable "bridge to the customer" for you and offer you the best possible basis for reliable media use.

Best regards

Stefan Prasse
Managing Director