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Pumps and Compressors for the World Market 2018 - with Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology

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Pumps and Compressors for the World Market Source: VDMA License: VDMA

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Topic overview

German Pump and Compressor Manufacturers in 2018 Manufacturers of liquid pumps as well as compressors, compressed air and vacuum technology benefited from a recovery in sales in 2017. In both segments, expectations for 2018 point towards an increase in sales of 3 percent.

European Ecodesign Legislation: VDMA Commitment for Pumps and Compressors Helping to shape ecodesign legislation and timely informationon planned implementation procedures: VDMA Pumps + Systemsand VDMA Compressors, Compressed Air and Vacuum Technologyactively support their members in this process, showing relentless commitment in the face of adverse circumstances. So, what is the current status of Pumps and Compressors?

Administration Shell Makes Pumps a Key Element in Industrie 4.0 Pumps play a vital role in more than just the process. In tomorrow’s increasingly connected information world of Industrie 4.0, standardized pump information offers great potential to make pump operation more productive, for example by reducing maintenance costs, increasing availability and enhancing energy efficiency.

Pumps and Compressors — App in the Cloud Industrie 4.0 and digital transformation solutions are a priority for many pump, vacuum equipment and compressor manufacturers.The race to develop new business models has just started.

Permanent Magnet Motors in Pump Systems Increase Energy Efficiency for Water Management Growing environmental awareness and the steadily rising energy prices have brought the topic of energy efficiency into the focus of politics, business and the general public. Almost half of the industrial electricity consumed is used to power electric motors.

Mobile Centrifugal Pumps Assure Flexibilityand Safety in EX Zones Pumps play a key role in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. They have a significant impact on determining whether a system is able to produce efficiently and effectively. The commercial damage resulting from a serious pump failure is therefore all the greater due to the resulting production downtime.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Configuration of Pumps for Corrosive Media The selection of suitable pumping technology, as well as the energy-efficientuse of raw materials, is especially challenging if the manufacturing plant operator handles corrosive or toxic media.

Smart Metering Allows Conserving Resources and Protecting the Environment Industrie 4.0 has ceased to be a futuristic vision in industries shaped by procedures and processes. Modern metering pumps meet the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution in a tremendous number of different processes.

New Screw Pumps Provide Efficient Solution for High-Pressure Applications Supplying fuel to gas turbines places high demands on the pump technology due to the extremely low viscosities of the fuels used and the very high required pressures.

Technical Ceramics Expand the Applications of Sealless Pumps The applications of efficient, hermetically-sealed centrifugal and screw pumps have expanded substantially. Magnetic drive pumps with ceramic containment shells are now used to convey fluids with a viscosity of 0.1 to10,000 cP at differential pressures of up to 40 bar and temperatures between –200 and +400°C.

High-Pressure Compressors Facilitate Complex Processes in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries The chemical and petrochemical industries use multi-stage high-pressure booster compressors that are perfectly tailored to the complex processes and procedures of these industries. They are particularly suitable for use in recycling and support processes, such as the recovery and reintroduction of hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2) or forming gas. Compressed Air Storage Power Plants Store Power from Sun and Wind The amount of electricity generated from renewable energies is steadily increasing. However, wind and sunshine are not always constantly available.In order to guarantee a continuous supply and bridge any dips in supply,surplus electricity needs to be stored.

Innovative Vacuum Components Increase Efficiency and Safety in the Automotive Industry The highly automated production lines of the automotive industry require innovative air-controlled vacuum technology in a wide varietyof Areas.