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Pumps and Compressors for the World Market 2021 - with Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology

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The omnipresence of the pandemic pushed many topics into the background. In fact, however, important things happened last year beyond the global infection. In the summer, the German government adopted the National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to establish a coherent framework for the future production, transport, use and reuse of hydrogen. A framework that aims to stimulate innovation and investment in new value chains. For compressor manufacturers in particular, this is an opportunity to significantly expand their market. The industry is ready. Also for the road ahead. Because first of all - due to the disappearance of hard coal and lignite as well as nuclear power - NG and LNG will have to close the supply gap, at least in Europe, that was previously filled by oil and gas applications. In this issue, you can read everything you need to know about the current state of development.